DJ Quik Speaks On Being Accused Of Murdering Biggie

The California artist explains why he was questioned by the LAPD.

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DJ Quik was at the VIBE party that The Notorious BIG attended the night of his murder. He also owned a '95 Chevy Impala - the same vehicle that was spotted fleeing the scene. These things, as well as his known connections to Suge Knight and the Bloods, had people suspicious after Biggie was killed. Quik admitted that rumors were swirling in the streets and many were pointing the finger at him.

Apparently the suspicion was so rampant that the LAPD tapped Quik's phone and picked him up for questioning. The 41-year-old producer/MC recently told Hip Hop DX that he was, in fact, interrogated by the police about the murder of Christopher Wallace. After telling the cops everything he knew, Quik was released and dropped as a suspect, 

In response to the recent release of files regarding the Biggie murder case, Quik said, "They Know who killed that man."

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