Beenie Man Speaks On Gay Fans, Nicki Minaj, and DJ Khaled

The Jamaican star shares some interesting stories.

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In an interview for Boomshots, Beenie Man opened up and shared some stories from his time in the game. He spoke on some issues with DJ Khaled, his time with Nicki Minaj, and his views on homosexuality. Read a couple excerpts below and check out the whole interview here.

On homosexuality:

The purpose of the statement and the real message is—the music is all about love and respect, for everybody who love and respect the music. You know? I burn apartheid system. I burn racism and all these things.

On DJ Khaled:

I remember Khaled has been coming to soundclashes in Jamaica forever.

On Nicki Minaj:

Tell me about the collab with Nicki, even though you didn’t get to do the show together. I remember at Sumfest last year, you were checking her backstage at the tent. And when I interviewed her she was telling me how much she loved you when she was growing up in Queens.

[via Boomshots]

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