Vic Mensa Drops New Single "The Taste" f/ BJ the Chicago Kid & Papi Beatz

Vic Mensa taps BJ the Chicago Kid along with Papi Beatz for his new single "The Taste," which comes after his EP, 'I Tape,' which feature Chance The Rapper.


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Vic Mensa ‘s new single “The Taste,” which features BJ the Chicago Kid and Papi Beatz, is an ode to his hometown in the summertime

Along with the new track, Mensa shared a cinematic montage of himself with his significant other traversing some different landmarks in Chicago as the single plays the background.

“The Taste” is that fleeting sensation of warmth when you step in the shade after being in the sun. It’s that last brush of warm air across your cheeks before dusk turns to night and the marking of summer’s end. However, despite sharing the single on the first day of Fall, “The Taste” is still sweet, nonetheless. Assisted by fellow Chicagoans, Mensa taps into his melodic bag as he croons across the beat like a yacht sailing across Lake Michigan.

Mensa has always aimed to show all sides of his city, from the parts he loves to the aspects that he hopes to reform. Before dropping off “The Taste,” the Chicago rapper released visuals for his Just Blaze-produced song “Victory” off his newest EP, the I Tape. When talking about the song, Mensa said that he wanted to tap into his more lyrical side and stretch his rapping muscles.

“Victory is a return to form for me,” Mensa said in a press release. “Just pure lyricism and a foolish sample beat. The video was filmed in Chicago with a fleet of sport bikes in a lamon. We spent the whole day running from police.”

With this latest track still fresh, listen to Vic Mensa’s new song “The Taste” featuring BJ the Chicago Kid and Papi Beatz below.

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