Here’s The Game’s Response When Asked to Say ‘One Thing Nice’ About 50 Cent

While on 'I Am Athlete,' The Game joked about trying to find one nice thing to say about 50 Cent, then outlined a hypothetical movie for them to star in.

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The Game recently joined the I Am Athlete podcast to promote his upcoming album Drillmatic, and he couldn’t resist throwing a jab at 50 Cent. 

When Pacman Jones asked him to say “one thing nice about 50 Cent,” The Game tried his best.

“Sometimes you need loose change,” Game cleverly quipped back at the beginning of the show before breaking down the importance of finding spare coins in the middle console of your vehicle to be able to conveniently pay for parking meters and other small things.  

The Game and 50 Cent’s beef has been well documented over the years, and later in the episode, the L.A. rapper broke down what a hypothetical movie with him and Fif could look like. It would be called “Abandonment,” according to Game, so you can imagine where this one’s going.

“If we on the opposite sides in the movie, I think the movie is he abandoned his son and I come in, you know what I’m sayin’, to the baby moms and show her how, you know, a real dad is,” Game explained. “At first he don’t, you know, he warmin’ up. He don’t just call me dad. … Me and him, I don’t really fuck with him because her abandoned his kid, his own child, his flesh and blood. And then I come along and pick up the pieces. He don’t owe me nothing, but I got problems with him.”

This, of course, sounds eerily similar to the estranged relationship that 50 has with his own son Marquise Jackson. Check out the full I Am Athlete episode with The Game up top.

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