SNOT Shares Energetic New Video for 'Ethereal' Track "Benzo"

SNOT harnesses the chaotic energy of a mosh pit and takes it to the streets in the new visuals for his song "Benzo" off his recent album, 'Ethereal.'

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Even in the Spring heat, SNOT remains unfazed as he rides around sunny streets with his hoodie tightly scrunched on his face in the new visuals for his track “Benzo.”

Directed by NOTACHANCE, SNOT is seen traversing barren streets on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz while all-terrain vehicles flank him on either side. “Benzo” sounds like a song meant to be moshed to, and the 24-year-old Florida rapper harness that chaotic energy and brings it to life in these visuals. Even as the scenes shift to night, SNOT is still wreaking havoc in bodegas and abandoned warehouses as he screams through the tracks closing moments.

“Benzo” was a standout on SNOT’s last album, Ethereal, which featured appearances from  ASAP Rocky, Joey Badass, Trippie Redd, and more. When talking to Complex about the album, SNOT called it his 808s & Heartbreaks because he was making it for a much bigger audience than earlier in his career.

“It’s because of the bigger audience,” he explained. “They’re expecting a sound that they followed me for. They’re like, ‘Okay, he makes this type of music that I fuck with, so when he drops this album, it’s going to be this specific style.’ I made a whole different album, completely opposite of what they think. If I lose fans, I lose fans. It’ll gain whole new ones, and people will appreciate the sound that I showed. You don’t want to be in no box. Sometimes fans can put artists in boxes, and it will be the same people complaining about wanting different stuff.”

Watch the new music video for SNOT’s track “Benzo” up top.

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