Watch Lute’s Introspective Video for "Myself" f/ Devn

Dreamville artist Lute dives deep into his life and the ways different challenges have effected him in the new visuals for his song "Myself."

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Dreamville’s Lute has just dropped off his latest introspective track, “Myself,” featuring Devn, which is a part of an ongoing series called Gold Mouf Chronicles, where the rapper will dive deep into his and his families battles with anxiety.

As the title implies, “Myself” finds the Charollette rapper by himself as he toils over the gravity of rap success, the pressure it brings to support those around him, and how giving up was never in the cards for him. Lute’s self-reflection is not only limited to his music. In a conversation with Complex, the rapper was transparent about his struggles with anxiety.

“The way I found out about anxiety was from an infomercial one night,” he said. “I couldn’t sleep, and I was flipping through the channels…and, you know how infomercials come through: ‘Do you have such and such? Are you feeling this way?”

Being able to put a name to the feelings he had also helped Lute devise a plan to combat it. He said that understanding anxiety was the first step.

“This is what I’m going through. This is what I have. Now I have a name for it,” he added.

In a creative way to push the Gold Mouf Chronicles, Lute also looks to drop a song every Monday as a part of his Gold Mouf Mondays roll out on social media.

Using classic television guide aesthetics, he’s giving fans a glimpse at what other songs he plans to drop in the coming weeks.

Watch the new visuals for Lute’s song “Myself” featuring Devn up top.

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