Dreamville’s Lute is Ready to Tackle His Anxiety

Dreamville artist Lute talks with Oregon Safe and Strong about his anxiety, depression and the motivation to successfully manage his mental wellness.

Luther Nicholson, known professionally as Lute, is a Grammy-nominated artist signed to Dreamville Records. Yet despite his professional success, the 31-year-old has had personal battles with anxiety that for some time he didn’t have a name for.

“The way I found out about anxiety was from an infomercial one night,” he recalls. “I couldn’t sleep, and I was flipping through the channels…and, you know how infomercials come through: ‘Do you have such and such? Are you feeling this way?”

Lute says as the infomercial outlined the key markers of anxiety he finally realized what had been plaguing him for so long.

“This is what I’m going through. This is what I have. Now I have a name for it,” he says.

In partnership with Safe + Strong Oregon, Complex caught up with Lute to discuss his mental health journey. During the intimate sit-down interview, Lute spoke openly about how he manages his mental health and the relief he experienced when realizing he wasn’t alone.

“I’m glad I made that realization. . .because now I feel like I have an upper hand on my anxiety and my depression.

While anxiety affects millions, it can often feel like an insurmountable hurdle to get over, however, with professional help and a strong support system, anxietycan be safely managed. Check out the video to learn how Lute is able to do just that.

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