Best New Music This Week: Bas, Cardi B, Kay Flock, Quando Rondo, and More

Our picks for the best new music this week includes songs from Cardi B, Kay Flock, Bas, Quando Rondo, Lizzo, Fredo Bang, Roddy Ricch, Tee Grizzley, and more.

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Spring has finally sprung, and with the season comes new music that sounds right for the warmer months. Sample drill, the burgeoning branch of theNew York drill subgenre that originated in the Bronx, had a major moment after Cardi B jumped on Kay Flock’s popular track “Shake It” featuring Dougie B and Bory300, while Tee Grizzley ignited the midwest with his latest album, Half Tee Half Beast, featuring the electric title track that reflects the Detroit rapper’s tenacity. Meanwhile, Lizzo released her new single, appropriately titled “About Damn Time,” before revealing her upcoming album, Special, and Bas blessed the streets with his EP [Bump] Pick Me Up, which included a smooth song with his Dreamville labelmate Ari Lennox.

With other tracks from Quando Rondo, Ransom, Fredo Bang, and more to enjoy, check out the best new music this week. You can also follow our playlist on Spotify to stay informed on the latest music releases here

Kay Flock f/ Cardi B, Dougie B, & Bory300, “Shake It” Remix

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New York drill has owned the last few summers, and now its Bronx branch, sample drill, is having a moment of its own with Cardi B jumping on the remix of Kay Flock’s popular song “Shake It” featuring Dougie B and Bory300. The song samples Sean Paul’s “Temperature” and was already making its rounds on TikTok before Cardi sent the track to new heights. A Bronx native herself, Cardi’s high-energy, skillful delivery meshes perfectly with Dougie B and Bory300’s. With the original track already experiencing major success, Cardi joining the sample drill wave will undoubtedly accelerate the growth of the subgenre.

Bas f/ Ari Lennox, “The Others”

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It’s always special when Dreamville links up, and Bas and Ari Lennox make for a perfect duo on their new track “The Others.” As Ari lays beautiful vocals in the background, Bas raps about appreciating the lovers he still has, as he leads a tumultuous life on the road. “You got a lot, you got a lot, be grateful for it/ You got a lot, you got a lot, be grateful for it,” they harmonize on the chorus. Bas and Ari Lennox ultimately come together to deliver a balanced duet to close out the Dreamville rapper’s latest EP, [Bump] Pick Me Up, which keeps fans fed as they wait for his long-awaited studio album. 

Quando Rondo, “24”

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Quando Rondo gets introspective as he raps about his paranoia and fast-paced lifestyle on “24.” Reflecting on his distrust towards law enforcement, Quando raps, “I swear that all these police sirens really paranoin’ me/ Relocate, I switch the tone on ‘em, I’m a dope boy/ They done even took my phone number on the task force/ I can’t even speak on my homie, makin’ no noise.” “24” finds Quando Rondo lamenting about the people around him caring more about what he can do for them, rather than how he’s feeling.

Lizzo, “About Damn Time”

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Lizzo has been listening to her fans, and her latest single “About Damn Time” is a teaser to the sound she’s been perfecting over the last few years. Embracing a funky Motown sound, Lizzo croons over the track as she sings, “Oh, I been so down and under pressure/ I’m way too fine to be this stressed, yeah/ Oh, I’m not the girl I was or used to be, uh/ Bitch, I might be better.” The song also came with creative visuals, where Lizzo hilariously attends a “Stressed and Sexy Support Group” meeting. “About Damn Time” is the first single off her forthcoming studio album Special. 

Tee Grizzley, “Half Tee Half Beast”

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Tee Grizzley has maintained a steady output of releases since 2020, and Half Tee Half Beast reflects the Detroit rapper’s tireless drive and deep passion for where he’s from (and where he hopes his career will continue to go). The album’s intro and title track encapsulate that energy perfectly, as Grizzley spits with venom and chronicles his road to riches over soft piano keys and emphatic bass drums. He even shows off his melodic skills as he harmonizes his second verse.

Fredo Bang f/ Roddy Ricch, “Last One Left”

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Fredo Bang is not in the business of proving himself to others, and on his latest track, “Last One Left,” the Baton Rouge rapper links up with Roddy Ricch to stand firm in his identity and self-assuredness. “How many times I got to prove myself? Every promise that I told, I kept/ I’m one of the last ones left,” Bang sings on the chorus, before Roddy joins in to explain why he doesn’t address the critics or fake love. “Last One Left” delivers a refreshing performance from Fredo Bang and especially Roddy, who sounds unphased by the noise around him.

Ransom f/ The Game, “Circumstances”

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Ransom is in album mode, and he linked up with The Game to deliver his latest offering, “Circumstances,” and announce his upcoming project No Rest for the Wicked. “Song of the year. Album of the year, no debates,” Ransom told Complex while premiering the song. Utilizing a soulful sample cooked up by Nicholas Craven, the two lyrically-minded rappers trade verses about the things they care about most. “I turn evil the second one of my girls mentioned/ I bench press stress and curl tension/ Hold the weight on my shoulders ‘cause I’m shaped like a soldier,” Ransom raps, while The Game reflects on being blessed to have made it this far in his life. “Circumstances” is filled with passion and is reflective of Ransom’s forthcoming album.

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