The Best New Music This Week: Ice Spice, J. Cole, ASAP Rocky & More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from Ice Spice, J. Cole, ASAP Rocky, Joe Trufant, NLE Choppa, 2rare, and more. Listen to our playlist.

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This isn’t a big week in terms of the quantity of music releases, but it’s definitely a significant week in terms of quality. Ice Spice proves that she’s here to stay with her latest single, “Princess Diana” from her impressive debut EP, Like..? J. Cole also surprised fans earlier this week with “Procrastination (broke),” his single that uses a beat he found from a producer on YouTube. Plus, ASAP Rocky is gearing up for a new album with his latest track, “Same Problems?” This week’s list also includes new music from Joe Trufant and more. 

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Ice Spice, “Princess Diana” 

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Ice Spice has the game on lock right now. Less than six months after dropping her breakout single “Much (Feelin’ U),” The Bronx rapper is going even harder with a new song. “Princess Diana” is a slick track that finds Ice Spice delivering gritty and piercing bars over a booming beat, courtesy of RIOTUSA. On the song, Ice Spice raps about her haters, falling in love with gangstas, and being the people’s champ. “Nowadays I be duckin’ them cameras/And they hype that I’m up on them banners/Callin’ my phone, but they know I don’t answer/In the hood, I’m like Princess Diana,” she spits. “Princess Diana” is Ice Spice’s newest hit from her debut EP, Like…? 

J. Cole, “Procrastination (broke)” 

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J. Cole surprised fans with a new record this week. “Procrastination (broke)” is a slow-burning track that was released solely on YouTube; the song feels like a glimpse into J. Cole personal journal or notes. He talks about the process of creating a new album, and how even he gets caught up with perfectionism and procrastination. “Got so many songs that get lost in the endless/Folders of the hard drive, I wish I was more fearless/ 'Cause I'll just say, "Fuck it" and dump all the music,” he spits. The track was released and produced by bvtman, who J. Cole stumbled upon after searching for a “J. Cole type beat” on YouTube. 

ASAP Rocky, “Same Problems?” 

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After first previewing the track during his Amazon Music Live show in December 2022, ASAP Rocky finally dropped the the full version of “Same Problems?” on the eight-year anniversary of ASAP Yams’ passing on January 18, 2023. It’s a hazy record with production from Hector Delgado, Tyler, The Creator, and Rocky himself. On the track, Rocky sings about mourning the deaths of people from the past and present. “Niggas dyin’ every other night/Niggas cryin’, that’s a part of life/Lyin’ to my face (Solved), tryna say that it’s all good,” he sings. “Same Problems?” is a more somber record that is expected to appear on Rocky’s upcoming album, Don’t Be Dumb

Joe Trufant, “i hate the drunk you” 

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Joe Trufant’s “i hate the drunk you” is anchored by an electric beat that compels listeners to move and feel the music. The song’s message is as straightforward as its title, with Trufant singing about loving a person, but hating them when they’re intoxicated. “With me she knows she’ll never be lonely/I always loved you, I always loved you/But i hate the drunk you,” Trufant sings. The song gets dark at times, but it will still make a great addition to those late-night playlists. 

NLE Choppa f/ 2Rare, “Do It Again” 

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“Do It Again” is one of the more rambunctious songs on this week’s list; it finds NLE Choppa joining forces with emerging talent 2Rare. The songs starts off with a lot of energy as NLE Choppa delivers spitfire bars over a fun beat. 2Rare matches NLE’s energy with a jumpy and auto-tuned verse. “I just got a new thot, DJ Khaled, that’s another one/Y’all niggas just like Kool-Aid Y’all be sweet but y’all ain’t jammin’ us,” 2Rare raps. This will likely be a hit on TikTok. 


Shady Blu & Babyface Ray, "Topic of Discussion"

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Shady Blu and Babyface Ray have joined forces. “Topic of Discussion” is a smooth record that finds emerging artist Shady Blu sliding over a slick and lowkey beat. Her delivery is effortless and her vocals are laid-back as she spits on the chorus, “Who ever said we wasn’t it? We runnin’ it/If we want, then I’m takin’ it/Ain’t no debatin’ shit.” Babyface Ray slides on the track with similar energy and muted vocals as he raps about dominating the rap game and being a hot topic in the streets. This is an undeniably good collaboration between two newcomers. 

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