The Best New Music This Week: Nas, Rihanna, Glorilla, and More

Complex’s best new music this week includes songs from Nas, Rihanna, Glorilla, Wizkid, DRAM, and many more tracks off some impressive albums.

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complex best new music lead image nov 11

This week was loaded with new and fresh music from a variety of different regions. Wizkid holds it down for the Afrobeats faction with his impressive new album, More Love, Less Ego, Glorilla is repping the south with her debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great, and Nas demonstrates how the OGs can still get it done with King’s Disease 3. And that’s not even noting new tracks from Rihanna, French Montana, and more.

Staff writer Jordan Rose and Senior Editor Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo guest share thoughts on a few standout tracks for this week’s list, too.

Check out the best new music of the week below. You can also us on Spotify for all your fall playlist needs here.

Rihanna, “Born Again”

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This is the years that Rihanna is giving us more than just a makeup palette and lingerie. In the Basian singer’s second solo release of the year, Rihana gave fans another ballad. “Born Again,” is a slow-burning track where Rihanna shows her vocal range and bares her soul on wax. On the track sings,  “I’d give my heart to this place/ I’d give my soul or whatever it takes, never run away/ I’ve got enough angels to storm the gates, I’m not afraid.” It’s an emotionally-rich and soul-wrenching track that shows a different side of the certified bad gyal. “Born Again” appears on the soundtrack on the highly-anticipated Marvel Blockbuster, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Glorilla, “Nut Quick”

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Glorilla has arrived. On “Nut Quick,” the Memphis rapper is gritty and ruthless and she raps about running through men, shaking them down for everything they’re worth. The most compelling part about the track is the way she attacks each, ripping through the lines with a viciousness that is unlike anything we’ve heard before. When Glorilla is in her lane, she is unmatched and it shows on this track. “Nut Quick” is a sensational record that appears on Glorilla’s debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great, showing she is the rookie that is here to take it all.

Wizkid, “Flower Pads”

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Wizkid is a mood. On “Flower Pads,” the Nigerian artist skates over the Afrobeats beat, bringing the world to his style and sound. It’s an addictive sound that moves listeners to dance and move. Don’t worry if you can’t keep up with the lyrics; the track is all about the groove. It’s unfortunate that his project, More Love Less Ego didn’t come out during the summertime, but it’s the type of energy that will lift you up during the summertime. If you were a fan of “Essence” (and who wasn’t), you’ll definitely be a fan of Wizkid’s new album. 

DRAM, “Vibe of the Year”

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DRAM has found his lane, and he is prospering. “Vibe of the Year” is a soulful and jazzy single that  further cements DRAM’s place in the R&B genre. On the track, DRAM is sexy ands seductive as he lures listeners in with soft and husky vocals, singing, “Every time I look into your eyes, my dear/ It’s like you want me takin’ a dive between your thighs, my dear.” It’s a late-night track that certainly translates to repeated spins in the daytime. DRAM has gone through various cycles throughout his career, but he benefits from being authentic, sensual, and vulnerable here. It will be exciting to watch him as he continues on this journey in the future. 

French Montana, “Yes I Do”

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French Montana is back with “Yes I Do,” a hypnotic track with a catchy hook. On the new record, French lays down punchy vocals that find him rapping about his money, girls, and fame. “Twenty bands, twenty bands, twenty, ho’ (Yes, I do)/ Got ‘em all comin’, try to fit ‘em all in a row,” he chants on the chorus. “Yes I Do” is a dynamic songs that will get a lot of play in the strip clubs, but it’s also a banger that deserves a lot of playtime on your weekend playlists. 

Nas, "Thun"

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Nas is living proof that rap is not just a young man’s game. The Queensbridge rap legend linked up with Hit Boy yet again for the third installment to their King’s Disease trilogy, and they have yet to miss. “Thun” is one of the album’s standouts, with Nas reminiscing on his come up and even rapping about conversations with Hov, his old rival. “No beef or rivals, they playin’ Ether on TIDAL/Brothers can do anythin’ when they decide to/In a Range Rover, dissectin’ bars from Takeover/Sometimes I text Hova, like “Nigga, this ain’t over,” laughin,’” Nas spits. King’s Disease 3 is just further evidence that the rhymes of our legacy acts can still age like a fine wine. —Jordan Rose

Sault, "Fight For Love"

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Titled 11 and released on 11/11, Sault quietly released one of their five new albums (lightwork) on DSPs today. I’m considering it a personal gift but wanted to share the news because it’d be a crime to deprive the world (or at the very least our readers) of it. From top to bottom, this project is centered on healing love. Hope you find some comfort in it this weekend, I know I already am. x —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

Rauw Alejandro, "Qué Rico Ch**gamos"

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Just a little over a year after the release of the territory-marking record Vice Versa, Rauw Alejandro—a playful protean Puerto Rican artist—is in a world all his own once again. This track, initially rumored to have included his partner Rosalía, is a welcomed invitation to not let the season dominate the temperature in the room. This standout on the newly-released project Saturno presents Rauw at his best: a smooth, sultry offering carried by sing-song bars that blend into each other. It’s a track is primed for late night skin to skin encounters and TikTok dances alike. “Este momento es perfecto/Qué vas a hacer al respecto?” —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

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