T-Pain: "I Never Use Auto-Tune At My Shows"

The "rappa ternt sanga" can actually sing, for real.

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As if he hasn't proven he can sing sans Auto-Tune enough times, T-Painsang the national anthem at the Dodgers Stadium this Monday and absolutely killed it. We caught up with T-Pain at the game to talk about his upcoming projects and, of course, auto-tune. Pain revealed something that might shock a lot of people: He doesn't use auto-tune at this shows.

He went on to explain why his upcoming work is going to feature a lot less auto-tune saying, "I started auto-tune to sound different from the crowd, and now I'm just going to end up sounding like everyone else." He's got a point. Last year, we detailed how auto-tune has changed the game with our piece, "The T-Pain Effect: How Auto-Tune Ruined Music... And Saved Hip-Hop." 

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