Who Is Niykee Heaton? The Chicago Singer Explains Why She Hates Working With Songwriters

The Chicago singer talks about growing up listening to Lil Jon, losing her sister, and recording her first EP.

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We've been championing Niykee Heaton since 2012 when she impressed us with her cover of Chief Keef's "Love Sosa." She's come a long way since then by signing a deal, releasing her Bad Intentions EP, and becoming a queen of the Instagram #ThirstTrap. Although we've been on the Niykee bandwagon and recently did a full magazine spread with her, she hasn't secured a massive hit just yet so there's still plenty of people who are unfamiliar with her background and upbringing. We got up with Niykee to talk about how she grew up on Chicago, how losing her older sister influenced her life and music, and why she isn't satisfied with having other write and produce her music for her. Find out Who Is Niykee Heaton?

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