Mobb Deep Breaks Down Their New Album, "The Infamous Mobb Deep"

The New York legends talk about how their new album came together.

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Today, Mobb Deep's eighth studio album The Infamous Mobb Deep is in stores. It's their first album since 2006's disappointing Blood Money. In that eight year stretch, the group has been through many trials and tribulations. Although they both released a slew of solo material (including Prodigy's inspired 2007 effort, Return of The Mac) they also suffered major setbacks. Prodigy caught a gun charge in 2006 and eventually had to serve three years in prison. After coming home in 2011, Prodigy got into a very public Twitter feud with Havoc in 2012. However, they were eventually able to squash the beef.

Today, the duo is back on good terms and they've been able to put the past behind them to put together a new album. So we caught up with the New York legends at Chung King studios in New York to talk about making The Infamous Mobb Deep. They told us about their writing process, how they started working with Boi-1da, and what it's like to be in the studio with The Alchemist.

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