Jay Rock's Superhero Character Would Look Like A Twix Wrapper

The TDE rapper's superhero would have the Midas touch.

In Complex and Mass Appeal's new animated series, Super, we ask rappers to describe what they'd be like if they were superheroes. They describe what they'd look like, what their powers would be, what their ride would be, and everything else. While they're talking, animator Hectah (who you can follow on Instagram) brings their ideas to life on screen.  

In the latest episode of Super, Jay Rock tells us about his superhero character—The Almighty Midas. He'd have the Midas touch for gold, of course, but his kryptonite would be Platinum Man. He'd be dressed in all gold, but says he'd look like a Twix. We're gonna go ahead and assume he was referring to the wrapper and not the chocolate bar itself. Listen to the very end to hear Jay Rock's impression of Goldmember's catch phrase "I love gold" from the film Austin Powers in Goldmember.  

Be sure to check back every Monday for the latest episode of Super.

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