That Time DMX Admitted To Eating Dog Food

Here is a video of DMX discussing which dog food is best. And not just for dogs.

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Even if you don't know much about DMX, you must know that the man loves dogs. You probably also know that he had an incredibly difficult life and dealt with drug addiction and many, many run-ins with the law. Which might have something to do with why when TMZ recently ran into the Yonkers rapper at the airport, they decided to ask him about what to feed your dog. But, of course, they're TMZ and he's DMX, so the conversation quickly turned into whether or not he's ever eaten dog food. The exchange went like this. 

TMZ: I don't feed my dog anything that really I wouldn't eat, I know you love dogs. 

DMX: Yeah.

TMZ: Have you ever had like...

DMX: Dog food? 

TMZ: Yeah.

DMX: Yes. 

Well, that wasn't hard to get him to admit. 

DMX goes on to say that the canned dog food smells the best but that as far as vitamins and nutrients Iams is probably the best brand.

So there you have it: Iams is the best dog food a man can get for his dog. And, also, for himself. 

DMX has a great sense of humor about the exchange, but still, this is just another sad chapter in the long decline of the rapper. Sigh. 


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