Joey Bada$$ Crossed With Chance The Rapper: Meet Dillon Cooper

This kid is dope.

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Okay fine, hand us a late pass because Dillon Cooper's "State of Elevation" video has been out since May. We were sleeping but now we're up. But that actually kinda works because our good friends over at Pigeons and Planes—who hipped us to the 20-year-old rapper and his latest mixtape, Cozmik—mentioned that someone described the Brooklyn rapper as, “Some fucking swaggy ass kid who raps really fast but looks like he’s sleeping."

As awesome as that description is, it's slightly inaccurate. Dillon doesn't look like he's sleeping (he's no Tracy McGrady), but like Chance The Rapper, he raps so effortlessly. He raps are so fluid he sounds like he might burst into an impromptu beatboxing session. He's a natural spitter with a swift delivery that bobs and weaves through the beat. "Dillon Cooper the Dark Knight/Brass knuckles and knife fights/Get light and Harlem shake/Coops time to dominate," he rhymes on the excellent "State of Elevation."

Aesthetically, Dillon will surely bring comparasions to fellow Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$. In some ways, this is totally fair because like Joey, Dillon values the '90s New York sound: He raps over Mobb Deep's "Survival of The Fittest" on the new tape. But in other ways, it's a bit limiting because unlike Joey, who laments about rappers who are "worried bout the trending fashions rather than ascending passion," Dillon obviously gets fresh (gotta love all the jerseys in the video).

You can listen and download Dillon's Cozmik tape below. We'll be sure to keep our eyes out for this young spitter.

[via Pigeons&Planes]

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