Birdman Updates Us On Upcoming Albums From Him, Lil Wayne, & Nicki MInaj

There's a lot of YMCMB material in the works.

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With Cash Money lined up to drop 16 projects in first half of 2012—including Tyga's albumBirdman has got a lot on his plate. Lil Wayne's got a slew of projects in the works, Nicki MInaj is working on her highly anticipated second album, Roman Reloaded, and Birdman's cooking up an album of his own, Bigga Then Life

The 5 Star Stunna took a few minutes to talk to Complex about the many things going on with the YMCMB team and set the record straight about the upcoming projects from Weezy, Nicki, and himself. 

On Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being 2

"Wayne's got an album he’s about to drop real soon. Its called I am not a Human Being 2. It's gonna be before the summer for sure. We haven’t picked the date yet. Whenever he’s ready to drop his album, we’re gonna make it do what it do. He’s definitely got an album done and ready to go. Wayne works a lot. There’s no telling [if Rebirth 2 will happen]. But I know for sure we’ve got I Am Not A Human Being 2 ready to go. That’s the next project."

On Like Father, Like Son 2

"We got that finished too. We’ve been recording that. We never stopped recording [for] that. We got songs we want. When we get ready to drop it, we’ll probably do that in the 4th quarter. Wayne wants to do the I am Not a Human Being 2 and I want to do my solo album too, so we’ll probably do that later on."

On I Can't Feel My Face, the Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne album

"I don’t know. I know Juelz and Wayne talk a lot and do work a lot but that’s on them. Whatever Juelz and Wayne do we’re gonna support that. But I know the next album my son puts out is going to be I am Not a Human Being 2."

On Nicki Minaj's Roman Reloaded

"I just came from listening to her album. She’s grown so much as an artist. She’s so talented that this shit is scary. Like, wow she really is the female Weezy. Hands down she bad as a motherfucker. Her talents, skills, and what she done with her music and the way she is in front of a camera. She's just so talented to be so young. It’s a brand new style. I’m just so glad she's on our team."

On his upcoming album, Bigger Than Life

"I could say its one of my best projects. We always say that but I mean you’re supposed to always get better with time/ We got so much growth, experience, and we're surrounded by  great, young talent. They make it so easy for me to do music and I’m still enjoying it. I don’t love nothing more in life—outside of God and my family—than working with this music and [turning] these youngsters into superstars."

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