Spotify and Uber Will Reportedly Allow You to Soundtrack Your Ride

You won't be stuck with your driver's music again.

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Uber is better than taking a cab in many ways, but there's one unfortunate constant that both services are plagued by: the drivers' music. Sure, the occasional driver might surprise you by bumping deep cuts from Ready to Die, but you can never bank on that happening. More often than not you're going to be exposed to new music you never needed to discover. 

That's why Spotify is stepping in. 

The streaming service and Uber are reportedly teaming up to allow passengers to chose what music they listen to. It's not clear how the technology will work—if one (or both) of the apps will be updated or if a brand new one will be created—but an official announcement is expected on Monday. 

In the meantime you should start working on your perfect Uber playlist. When surge pricing is in effect we'd recommend "Gimme the Loot." 



[via The New York Times]

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