Why Has Childish Gambino Disappeared From Social Media?

It could be be a protest.

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Seriously, though. What happened to Childish Gambino? Since Dec. 10 both his Twitter and Instagram accounts have been stripped—all of their content erased and profile photos replaced with black boxes. Even his screenplay for Because the Internet and the page for STNMTN/Kauai have been replaced by black screens. 

It's interesting timing because his FX pilot for Atlanta was just announced yesterday. You'd think he'd want to promote the show now and show FX the army of fans he has ready to ride or die for him. 

So why is Gambino gone?

It could be to protest the recent grand jury decisions not to indict the police officers who killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Just days before Gambino disappeared a subreddit dedicated to him made a similar move, although content is still being posted. His manager, Famuel Rothstein, has also replaced his Twitter profile pic with a photo from the United Blackout movement. 

The Twitter bio for @UnitedBlackout says, "#Blackout is a network of artists, activists & more standing up for victims whose human rights are violated in USA." 

The Beat points out Dec. 10 was the one-year anniversary of Because the Internet releasing in America. But given the political clues, this is likely just a coincidence and not the motivation for the blackout. 

We'll update if we hear more information, but it seems Gambino will let his silence do the talking. 


[via The Beat]

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