Zaytoven, Gucci Mane, and the Collaboration That Never Happened

Zaytoven and Gucci Mane have one of rap's best working relationships. But a little flour almost brought it all down.

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Zaytoven has been Gucci Mane's go-to producer for years—he produced Gucci's breakout single "Icy" in 2005, and the two have worked together ever since. It's not an exclusive arrangement—Zaytoven's work with Migos, Future, Chief Keef has made him a household name in the South, but when the topic of iconic rapper/producer duos comes up, Zaytoven's name will always appear beside Gucci Mane's. 

That's due in part to their extensive shared history. This week's episode of What Had Happened Was finds Zaytoven and Gucci Mane at the beginning of their careers, when their studio was still in Zaytoven's mom's basement. They had a special guest in the studio that day, but Gucci Mane was tired. And when Gucci's tired, he naps. So Gucci decided to take a nap, and that's when things started to fall apart. Watch Zaytoven tell us what happened next, and check out the previous weeks' episodes here.

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