R. Kelly's Laywer Says 'All the Women Are Lying' After Singer Turns Himself In

R. Kelly's attorney says "all the women" accusing R. Kelly of sexual abuse, resulting in 10 charges against the singer, are lying.

R. Kelly turns himself into Chicago police on Friday, February 22.

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R. Kelly turns himself into Chicago police on Friday, February 22.

On Friday night, R. Kelly turned himself in to Chicago police after being charged with 10 counts of felony criminal sexual abuse involving four alleged victims. Three of those four victims were between the ages of 13-16 when these alleged crimes occurred, according to the prosecution. Subsequently the crooner has a Saturday court date for a bail hearing:

At a post-surrender press conference, Kelly's attorney Steve Greenberg may have previewed the not-newstrategy that's going to keep him out of prison again by dismissing the accusers. When asked if he thought the women making accusations against his client were untruthful, he responded in the affirmative.

"I think all the women are lying, yes," he told reporters, according to ABC. "This has become, 'Hey, R Kelly — I can say R Kelly did something' — boom. There was a press conference yesterday, 'Oh, these two girls were assaulted by R Kelly!' And the lawyer stood there with a picture of LL Cool J."

He also accused state attorney Kim Foxx of simply yielding to mounting public pressure by bringing forth the indictment now.

"I had a discussion with the state's attorney’s office earlier this week [and] we were supposed to meet next week and have a discussion about what they had," Greenberg claimed. "I was gonna be allowed to address what they had, then they just decided to indict him today for whatever reason. I suspect this is succumbing to public pressure."

Singer R. Kelly surrenders to Chicago police after being charged with 10 counts of felony criminal sexual abuse. pic.twitter.com/uZj72RjUsE

— ABC News (@ABC) February 23, 2019

Greenberg went on to say that one of the unnamed women from the new indictment was someone involved in the 2003 child pornography case. Kelly was eventually found not guilty in 2008.

"One of the cases seems to be a rehash he was acquitted for. Double jeopardy should apply to everyone," Greenberg stated.

This month, High-profile attorney Michael Avenatti said that he had turned over a graphic sex tape to Cook County prosecutors wherein Kelly allegedly sexually assaults a 14-year-old.

"We promptly brought it to the attention of Ms. Foxx and others in her office," Avenatti said on Friday. "This tape leaves no question as to whether R. Kelly is guilty of multiple sexual illegal acts against a 14-year-old girl. The tape was shot in the late '90s, approximately 1999, [and] it depicts two separate scenes shot on two separate days within Mr. Kelly's residence at the time."

In addition to Friday's surrender to police, Kelly is also the subject of at least three investigations from different law enforcement agencies, one of which is looking into his relationship with underage girls that may or may not have been trafficked. A day before Kelly's arrest, two more women came forward to level allegations of sexual misconduct against the pop star.

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