Remy Ma Explains Why She Dropped Nicki Minaj Diss Track "ShETHER"

Remy Ma has distanced herself from "ShETHER" even after it won immediate acclaim for hip-hop heads.

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Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj had a long-standing beef that came to a head when Ma unleashed her diss track "ShETHER." During an appearance on Hollywood Unlocked, Remy Ma explained that she took on this battle for other female rappers more than herself. 

"What led up to the whole 'ShETHER' thing was I just kept hearing so many things behind the scenes and I didn't understand. Why would you do this to me?" Remy said nine minutes into the interview. "I was already annoyed at everything that was going on. I was like, 'Yo, as long as this is the way it is, nobody—not just me—no women are going to be able to succeed as long as this is how it is. If you don't sound like this, if you don't look like this, if you're not bowing down to her, we're never gonna get nowhere."

According to Remy, the way Nicki was treating other artists isn't how Ma supported her during her come up. Nicki went on to become one of the biggest acts in music when Remy was serving her prison sentence for assault. Remy says that Minaj initiated a conversation after her 2014 release in which they agreed not to be combative toward each other.

"When I came home we had had a conversation where she actually reached out to me," Remy said. "We had a real conversation. Anything I say, they gon' say I'm comin' at you. Anything you say, they gon' say you comin' at me. We're not gon' let it get to us and I thought that's where we was at."

Remy Ma has distanced herself from "ShETHER" even after it won immediate acclaim from hip-hop heads.

“It just bothers me that this record that I put out where it’s literally picking apart a female went so viral, and every media outlet wants to talk about it and pick it up; I feel like we could’ve done the same thing working together,” she said on the Another Round podcast in 2017.

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