Kehlani Connects With Pink Sweats for "At My Worst" Remix

The R&B sensation's upcoming debut album 'PINK PLANET' is set to arrive on Feb. 12 and will be home to the "At My Worst" remix featuring Kehlani.

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Pink Sweats decided to revamp his single "At My Worst" by adding a complementary guest appearance from Kehlani

For her verse, Kehlani plays with the song's theme by highlighting a connection that can only be described as love. 

"Can you see what I'm not saying from my eyes?/All I know is love, for you it's real," Kehlani sings. "It's different from anything that I thought I'd feel/Don't you worry/I'll be there whenever you want me."

"At My Worst" helped boost Pink Sweats into another sphere. The song's official video has over 50 million views on YouTube and generated more than 1 million views on TikTok. To date, it has pulled in 100 million-plus global streams. 

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"At My Worst" was featured on Pink Sweats 2020 EP, The Prelude. Like the title suggests, this project was meant to set the stage for the R&B sensation's upcoming debut album PINK PLANET which is expected to arrive on Feb. 12 and will be home to the remix for "At My Worst." Pink Sweats will celebrate PINK PLANET with two livestream shows on the day of the album's release.

Listen to Pink Sweats' new remix for "At My Worst" featuring Kehlani above. 

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