Listen to CyHi's New Single "Ryder"

The new acoustic track "Ryder" is CyHi's first solo release since dropping his debut album 'No Dope On Sundays' via G.O.O.D. Music in 2017.

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CyHi is clearing the runway for his return with the new single "Ryder."

The track is CyHi's first solo release since dropping his debut album No Dope On Sundays in 2017. This acoustic offering allows fans to remember why he's been a staple in the G.O.O.D. Music camp and instrumental to the label's success. 

"This for my n***as in all black, hoodies and ball caps/Cruising in the stolen while loading they small axe," the Atlanta native spits. He goes on to rap, "They gon' ride anyway, I told 'em to fall back/But last week our dog got killed in a car jack/Now the yoppa in the trunk, right next to the car jack/Ain't nothing but some shooters inside of this car, Jack."

"Ryder" features Canjelae, who delivers the chorus. It also accompanies the release of CyHi's new video series The Hardway Musicals Presents: Barcode, which premiered on TIDAL this week and is meant to explain why CyHi took a three year hiatus.

The interpretive story was written and created by CyHi. New episodes will debut every other Wednesday through the end of the year. 

Listen to CyHi's new single "Ryder" featuring Canjelae up top. 

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