Belly Opens up About Physical and Mental Health Struggles in Instagram Open Letter

Belly went on to explain that music, family, and his fans have been his saving grace.

Belly performs onstage during the Real 92.3 Real Show at The Forum

Image via Getty/Scott Dudelson

Belly performs onstage during the Real 92.3 Real Show at The Forum

Belly took to Instagram Tuesday, where he openly discussed his struggles with mental and physical health.

"The last couple years have been fucked up for me in almost every way," he wrote. "I’ve been in and out of therapy for over a year(depression, PTSD). I gotta do physical therapy twice a week (back/neck injuries) and I can’t even tour or travel too much. I got put on anti-depressants (I’m off now) lost my confidence & regained most of the weight that I lost.

The XO artist added that "emotionally, mentally & physically," he was "rock bottom."

"I crashed and burned," Belly explained. "The only silver lining in this whole situation, is that UP is the only direction left to go."

Belly said that throughout all the difficulty, his art, his family, and his fans are what kept him going, before alluding to new music that he'll release next week. 

"This shit is all I got, if anything can bring me back from the ashes; it’s music, my family & my fans," he continued. "I don’t need sympathy or pity from anybody, I’m only saying this to let y’all know: I won’t lay down and die.. see you next wednesday." 

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