The 10 Best Canadian Albums of 2023

Canadian artists are still showing love to the album format, as shown by this year's best releases.

Complex Originals/Michael Escanuelas

The extended rollout for For All The Dogs might've dominated the music conversation at times in 2023, but there were plenty of great albums dropped by Canadian artists throughout the year worthy of your time. For whatever reason, artists from here respect the album format as an artistic medium in a way that sometimes runs counter to the quick and dirty singles world we're living in, and it's a good thing for music fans. Some Canadian artists took major steps forward, while others continued to deliver the level of quality fans expect.

Here are Complex Canada's 10 Best Canadian albums of 2023. 

10. Planet Giza, ‘Ready When You Are’

9. Night Lovell, 'I Hope You're Happy'

8. Jev., 'Lonerwrld, Vol. 1'

7. Haviah Mighty, ‘Crying Crystals'

6. TOBi, ‘Panic'

5. DijahSB, ‘The Flower That Knew’

4. Charlotte Cardin, ‘99 Nights'

3. Drake, 'For All The Dogs'

2. Kaytraminé, ‘Kaytraminé’

1. Daniel Caesar, 'Never Enough'

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