Riff Raff's 10 Favorite Albums

Jody Highroller trolls us in the most entertaining way possible.

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Earlier this year, Riff Raff signed to Diplo's Mad Decent label, and since then, he's been riding the momentum to a somewhat masterful degree. In 2012, Riff Raff toured, put out two albums, The Golden Alien and Birth Of An Icon, collaborated with Wiz Khalifa, Action Bronson, and Chief Keef, and undoubtedly made his mark, with everything from his popular "rap game" meme to his comedy-driven unorthodox rap style.

When it comes to Riff Raff, everything is unpredictable. We asked him for a list of his 25 favorite albums, and after pondering for a few days, he sent in his selections, with a message: “25 is too damn long, feels like homework or some shit.” Despite being shorter than expected, the list is entertaining enough to make up for it. From Madonna to Chamillionaire, here's a look at Riff Raff's taste in music.

As told to Erich Donaldson (@SermonsDomain)

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10. John Anderson, Seminole Wind (1992)

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Label: BNA

Riff Raff: "That song 'Straight Tequila Night' makes me think of why I'm usually alone in a cave when I listen to it inside my head."

9. Madonna, Like A Virgin (1984)

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Label: Sire, Warner Bros.

Riff Raff: "The song 'Material Girl' reminds me of chasing tornadoes through my childhood dreams."

8. Bon Jovi, Crush (2000)

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Label: Island

Riff Raff: "It's my life, it's now or never...I ain't gonna live forever.' Need I say more?"

7. Swishahouse, Choppin Em Up Part 1 (2008)

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Label: Swishahouse, Deep Distribution Worldwide

Riff Raff: "Those freestyles are the training wheels of the U.S.A."

6. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, Get Ya Mind Correct (2002)

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Label: Paid in Full Entertainment

Riff Raff: "Them songs was raw, uncut, pure lamp."

5. Phil Collins, Face Value (1981)

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Label: Virgin, Atlantic

Riff Raff: "That song 'In The Air Tonight' makes my knees shed tangerine tears."

4. Wilson Phillips, Greatest Hits (2000)

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Label: SBK Records

Riff Raff: "'Hold On' and 'Release Me' should alternate every year as the national anthem in Switzerland."

3. Michael Jackson, Number Ones (2003)

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Label: Epic

Riff Raff: "These aren't songs, they are moonwalking audio movies to change your vibes into electric movements of life."

2. Daft Punk, Homework (1997)

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Label: Virgin

Riff Raff: "When that song 'Around The World' comes on I have to take shrooms and lick a girl's face."

1. Big Moe, City of Syrup (2000)

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Label: Wreckshop

Riff Raff: "I can listen to the whole album the whole way through without touching the buttons on the Versace CD player."

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