Vince Staples: 'I Hate the 'Who Can Say the N Word' Conversation'

Vince weighs in on a discussion sparked by a white fan rapping the word on stage with Kendrick Lamar.

Over the weekend, video surfaced of a white fan rapping the N-word on stage with Kendrick Lamar. In response, Variety published an opinion piece on Tuesday under the headline, "Kendrick Lamar’s Onstage Outrage: Why Rap Should Retire the N-Word for Good."

In the article, writer Jeremy Helligar suggests that artists should reconsider their use of the word and potentially stop saying it in songs altogether. "It’s time for rappers to rethink how they deliver their message," he writes. "It wouldn’t lose any of its lyrical might if they dropped the N-word altogether. Lamar’s 'HUMBLE.' would be just as potent with all of the N-words removed. What do they add to the song’s message anyway?"

Apparently, Vince Staples isn't feeling the suggestion:

Shortly after the first tweet, he followed by explaining, "I hate the 'who can say the n word' conversation."

Vince didn't elaborate on why he hates the conversation, but he seemed to enjoy the discussion that his own tweet sparked.

Vince has briefly touched on the issue before in his lyrics, notably on the Summertime '06 song, "Lift Me Up,":

All these white folks chanting when I asked 'em where my n***s at?
Goin' crazy, got me goin' crazy, I can't get wit' that
Wonder if they know, I know they won't go where we kick it at

Not one to keep things overly serious for too long, Vince capped his tweets with a quick Trick Daddy shout out.

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