Premiere: Tayla Parx Paints With a Colorful Palette in "Me Vs. Us" Video

Three-time Grammy-nominated artist Tayla Parx uses colorful imagery to explore gender reversal in the new music video 'We Need to Talk' single, "Me Vs. Us."

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Tayla Parx has a knack for color. A scroll through the 24-year-old artists' Instagram page reveals a bright splash of eye-popping colors and bold imagery. The same can be said for the vibrant music video for Parx's new song, "Me Vs. Us," which is co-produced by Parx, Haze, and xSDTRK.

"When me and my team were deciding on concepts and themes for the music video, it was super important to us all that it evoked the same colorful emotions the song does," the three-time Grammy-nominated artist tells Complex. "I’m an artist that likes to make people think a little outside the box when they experience my music."

Parx, who has written for artists like Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, and Chris Brown, is preparing to release a project called We Need to Talk that makes use of her colorful take on pop music to approach issues like society's evolving relationship with gender roles. "The entire video explores gender reversal and/or neutrality, in the same way my album We Need To talk does," she says. "I never say 'he' or 'she' in any song on the album, so I think it’ll be fun to continue to leave it up to listeners' imaginations and keep approaching the visuals with that same open ended mentality."

Beyond its underlying social messages, "Me Vs. Us" also finds Parx opening herself up and getting vulnerable in front of her fans. "The song comes from an extremely personal place for me emotionally," she notes. "It takes a lot of vulnerability, strength, and fearlessness to be able to truly fall in love. Here I am, for the first time in my life, curious enough to wonder if I'm strong enough to be fragile with someone else."

Watch the premiere of Tayla Parx's "Me Vs. Us" video above and hear her 2017 debut project, Tayla Made, below. Parx's major label follow up via Tayla Made/Atlantic is coming soon.

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