Martin Shkreli, Owner of the $2 Million Wu-Tang Clan Album, Says He's Dropping a Project Soon

Martin Shkreli claims he's dropping an album filled with "anthem after anthem" soon.

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Martin Shkreli, the owner of Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, has announced his own plans to release an album soon.

Shkreli, who somehow weaseled his way into hip-hop, will release a 11-track project very soon. He claims he has beats from Scott Storch, Just Blaze, and Timbaland. The last song is tentatively titled “Champion,” which refers to being No. 1 in all sports—including mixed martial arts.  

On a song called “Ghostbusters,” he claims that it is a Ghostface Killah diss song, but he takes shots at other rappers too.

Shkreli and Ghostface have storied beef that goes back to when Ghost found out the pharmaceutical CEO bought the group’s one-of-kind album. Ghost called him a “shithead” to TMZ for raising the price of the AIDS drug Daraprim. Shkreli responded with a video of him surrounded by goons as he threatened to remove Ghostface from Shaolin.

Later, Shkreli appeared on The Breakfast Club and boasted that he would smack Ghostface in the face if he was in the same room with him. All of his taunting prompted Ghostface to respond with a hilarious 12-minute diss video of his own, in which he called Shkreli “the man with the 12-year-old body.”


Shkreli isn’t just going to make an album full of Ghostface disses. He promises summer bangers and anthems on his project. He even has something for the rap heads: “The Professor,” his alter ego, will shine on one of the untitled tracks, where he’ll bring out his “surgical” and “academic” flow.

Do you think Shkreli is for real or trolling us again? Read the rest of his tweets, below.

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