Westside Gunn is considering retiring from rap once 2023 is over.

In a series of tweets, the Griselda rapper began his farewell by saying he has nothing else left to prove. “23’ def my last year doing this shit, I don’t have nothing else 2prove, I put my team on, I put my city on, I worked w/everybody I ever wanted to work with, plus MFs still don’t even understand 1-10, FLYGOD, Awesome GOD, or Pray for Paris(mind u Virgil did the cover),” he tweeted, adding that he considers himself the GOAT.

He then began recapping his career, listing out some of his collaborators and producers he’s worked with. The list is pretty legendary from late rappers MF Doom and Prodigy to Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

“I’ve worked with DOOM, PRODIGY, DMX and SEAN PRICE… ALL RIP

I’ve did deals with Eminem, Jay Z

My beats are Alchemist, Preemo, Pete Rock, Rza, Swizz, Just Blaze, Muggs, Apollo Brown, Knxledge, 9th Wonder

Album mixed by Guru w/ 2 Slick Rick verses

I’ve worked with WU, Mobb Deep, Run the jewels, Blackstar, Lox, The Roots, Kanye, Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, Durag Dynasty, Combat Jack(RIP) was there when I recorded HWH4, 50cent, Banks, Kool G rap, Royce,Anderson Paak, nominated for a Grammy right now with Mary J Blige and MANY MORE

I worked with Tyler, Asap Rocky,PB Carti, Wale, my music played at Fashion Shows in Paris, Japan, countless Tattoos, Countless murals, I’ve never taken longer than 10-14days to make ANY project.. not 1x a year either multiple albums a year and I elevated every single time.”

Much of his tweets clarified this idea of retirement. He sounds serious this time, noting that he still wants to executive produce albums but only if his heart is into it. He was also reflective on what he’s done to elevate the culture and bridge the gap without compromising his art.

“I know I say I’m a retire all the time so ppl might be like he always say this, seriously I been thru so much with this shit behind closed doors y’all would never know, it’s brought more pain than joy I’m just so G that I make it look super easy but I fight these devils everyday

What makes me also the GOAT is not only have I made the best albums personally in the last decade but I also executive produced the best albums in the last decade and they all sounded diff and made every artist sound immaculate listen to them all again the beats are all NEXT LEVEL

I’m still going to curate albums and btw I been secretly working on a @EsteeNack project I’m calling Nacksaw Jim Duggan and this shit is Fuckin KRAAAAAAZY but I still love the ART of executive producing but it will only be if my heart is into it u can’t ask me I have to ask you

If ONLY brought y’all the best ART, I elevated the Hip Hop culture, I bridged the Gap, I showed ppl how u could make money, I showed ppl to never change and do it your way I’ve literally showed you, all 10YRs fly Gangsta shit at an elite level no compromising!!!!

I was told I had to stop HWH the series after 5 (5yrs ago) I was told I wouldn’t get any endorsements, I would never be nominated, I will only get so far if I kept it going but I knew my heart was pure and my life is ART and explained how I even thought ofthe name I chose my fate

Ofcourse I would be 10x bigger if it wasn’t for that name but again I knew my heart &I stuck to my script and did it my way, I can live with that decision many ppl would’ve folded & played the game matter of fakt 95% would’ve folded and I have the biggest heart of anybody I know

Y’all don’t think I had to go thru countless of BS behind the scenes I’ve gotten threats and all and everytime u ever seen me I’m smiling, grinding harder than anybody, taken care of my kids, praising GOD and giving you more ART

& I’m tweeting all of this bc I don’t wanna give no more Pussy ass blogs my time if I’m gonna say something from now on I’m a just make the content and drop it myself UNLESS I really respect you…my supporters already know wat I have going on and I’ll trust them to spread the ART

Everybody who’s ever came to a pop up or meet and greet just ask them I bet u they say I’m probably one of the koolest ppl they ever met, ask somebody who just walks up and say leave can I have a pic ask anybody I haven’t turned down a pic yet I’m really for the ppl

It’s a company that I love &always put on a high pedestal that tried to ruin my life literally, tried to get all my music taken down off all platforms, everything I worked for 2take care of my babies just gone bc I stuck to my script and I was nothing but respectful but I stay quiet

Y’all don’t know how hard I fight for ART, how hard I fight for the next person and they don’t even know it, probably the same MF who would diss me saying I wear purses lol… not knowing I’m the one waving the fuckin flag, you ungrateful bastards

But if I have a show come see me bc it’s rare, if I have a pop up come see me bc I would love to see y’all, if i do a clothing drop support me bc u know I’m trynna give u the best fabrics for the best price and coming from a real fashion designer, im a designer TURNED rapper…

I’ve already proven I’m the biggest wrestling fan in the world y’all seen me front row spending top dollar I spend 6figures alone a yr on wrestling so if I do a 4THROPE event sell that shit out bc u know it’s the real Culture!!!!”

He then signed off by saying fans can still expect projects they’ve been anticipating all year.

“Yes I know ppl want GUNNLIB in 23’ Yes I do wanna make Awesome GOD a trilogy, Yes WWCD 2 is ontop of my list there’s no way I’ll hang it up without a project with my family, YES StoveGOD will be dropping, YES MICHELLE records will be dropping

YES ARMANI Dropping again, YES ROME dropping again, YES me and BOLDY gonna cook, YES ME and JAY WORTHY about to cook, NACKSAW JIM DUGGAN is halfway done, the ADOLF movie &Soundtrack &whatever else GOD wants me to do but I’m a go hard all year but after that I’m raising my babies”

He then thanked the people who were there for him early on in his career, which included Planet Asia, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Statik Selektah, and Prodigy.

On New Year’s Eve, Gunn gave a backstory behind one of his closest friends Flip who is struggling with drug addiction. He is set to make a cameo in the upcoming video for “Super Kick Party” scheduled to drop on Jan. 4.

Gunn will leave behind an extensive catalogue that includes his Hitler Wears Hermes series, as well as albums such as Pray for Paris and Who Made the Sunshine.