Producer Munchi Accuses Azealia Banks of Using "Esta Noche" Single Without His Permission

Banks pulled the single but says she'll still shoot a video for it.

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Azealia Banks was supposed to release her next single today in "Esta Noche," which originally appeared on her Fantasea mixtape. The track was produced by Munchi, a Rotterdam-based DJ/producer. It is a moombahton jam that samples Montell Jordan’s “Get It On Tonight.”

The single didn’t release as planned because Munchi claims that Banks used the track and artwork without his permission. He took to Twitter to give more details on the matter, saying, “Tell your camp the deal is off I don’t want your fucking $25.000. Fuck off. Go be a puppet bitch to someone else.”

Banks, who doesn’t bite her tongue for anybody on Twitter, seemed to be brushing off the whole thing. She tweets that “Esta Noche” won’t be out today, but she will still move forward and shoot a video for it. In a series of tweets she says, “@originalmunchi thinks I’m in the illuminati… I’m being very serious right now. I’m cracking up right now… This is a first.” Read a few more of their tweets below.

Everyone who wanna download the track - it is already out. She stole my track on her mixtape Fantasea without permission.
Bitch trying to buy me off after trying to blame me on this shit, fuck outta here. "25.000 and a public apology" GTFO with this bitchshit.
Industry thinks its alright to be like this and fuck people over. Everyone takes it in the ass and take their apology money. Fuck off.
@azealiabanks good luck being a dickriding, trackstealing, sorry excuse for a artist. Have fun with the fame - it'll get back at ya.
Oh damn.. Now you wanna double it, u sure are a pathetic excuse of an artist. NO I DO NOT WANT TO WORK WITH YOU OR YOUR APOLOGY.
I'm still shooting the esta noche video tomorrow . *kanye shrug*
Conspiracy theories are so playyyed now.
Sippin that social worker coffee
No.... I will not engage.

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