Hear a Rare Max B Freestyle from Jail

Biggaveli kicks some bars over the phone.

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Hey, if Gucci Mane can check in from time to time, than Max B can definitely freestyle from jail.

Recently, Revolt.tv caught up with Charly Wingate to get his response to the untimely death of Chinx. It was good as any opportunity to get a freestyle of what he’s been cooking up behind bars. In the recorded convo, he hums a melody before going into some pretty fire rhymes: “All my life I been a little man / Never was a gentleman, never been attentive / Started something, never could finished it / Blew through a couple mil, I could have opened some businesses / I was pimping women for benefits / We holding it down, daddy, we know you innocent."

Max B is currently serving 75 years for charges related to robbery, kidnapping and murder. However, there have been reports within the last year that he could get out sometime in 2016. In the meantime, listen to the latest from the Wavy MC.

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