Kirk Franklin Hit the Milly Rock at His Washington D.C. Show Last Night

It's pretty flawless.

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Kirk Franklin is currently on his “20 Years  in One Night” world tour, making stops in Greensboro and Washington D.C. over the weekend. Besides a great gospel performance, fans have been noting how cool Franklin is, as he’s been incorporating modern dance moves into his show.

Kirk Franklin found the milly rock and just said Imma do this errrwhere. It looks like a praise dance anyway. The Gospel Hypeman.

— Quira/Neptune, America’s Problem. 🟦 (@OhhSugarYouKnow) March 20, 2016

Need more proof? Look no further than Franklin’s official Instagram above. He posted a video of him hitting the milly rock flawlessly. That video has been making its round online with some funny commentary.

Kirk Franklin with the STURDIEST milly rock of the year

— derick (@fromvallejo) March 21, 2016

But for real, Franklin is a seasoned pro at the 2 Milly dance. Just look at that form!

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