Kid Cudi Talks Selling BAPE Collection on Ebay, "Indicud" and King Chip's Debut

Cudder gives a quick update on his latest happenings over Twitter.

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Kid Cudi gave us an exclusive look of his upcoming album Indicudi with the self-produced “King Wizard.” Since then, Cudder has been relatively quiet on the project’s sound and direction. That would all change earlier this evening when he jumped on Twitter to give us more details on his third studio album.

Cudi says that the new album will be 17 tracks and be “wayy more uptempos. shits getting turnt up.” The overall tone of the album will be positive, confident and all together a fun piece of work. We also get an update on what projects he’ll be focusing on next—King Chip’s debut and the highly anticipatedthird installment of the Man on the Moon series.

Aside from music, Cudi announced that he will be selling selected items from his BAPE collection on Ebay. Another exciting piece of news is he will be putting out a custom-made New Era fitted cap soon. Check out the rest of his tweets below.

Ok soo ima start selling my entire collection of BAPE on Ebay.Stuff I've performed in and stuff I've never worn at all thats still new
the ones I've worn in concert or been photographed in will be noted and ill post the photo of me wearing the garment
Figured since I'm not wearing this stuff anymore, might as well get this paper back.Plus how cool is it to own my clothes? ha
Ladies, shirts I've worn ill keep my musk on haha
ahaha naw foreal tho everything will be clean and legit, ready to wear.I got shoes, mad t shirts, hoodies.Im keeping all my toys tho >:)
When i set up the account Ill post it here.Gonna get this going for the holidays so mid November early December.
and it shall be dubbed "Cud's Fresh Ass Closet Sale!!!"
Keepin all my BAPE draws tho.I can't, I just can't let those go ha
Going broke? I aint about that life!
Also Ive been working w New Era designing my own fitted, tryna get that out ASAP as well.Been meaning to fill u guys in on that.
Ton of things going on, exciting shit.Indicud is def dropping top of next year.When I get a proper date figured out, ill let ya kno
after indicud is released I'm focusing on King Chips debut, scoring, and then the moment uve all been waiting it
indicud will not be a double disc but will contain a maximum of 17 brand new jams.
so yes, the energy of indicud is its own new format with some of my favorite musical tricks here and there. the album moves dope
Wayy more uptempos.shits getting turnt up
the overall tone of indicud is positive and confident.I got my swagger back, truth.I lost my mind for a bit but i found it.
still crazy tho, just found myself.more confident in being your big brother.i accept ur love with open arms
lets have some some fun this time >:)
Wait til they get a load of me...
I can't see what u guys are saying, i think i overloaded this bitch with my wicked good news ha ill check back later k? cool.

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