Kendrick Lamar Thanks Lil Wayne and Lil B for Being Influential Artists

These two MCs are dope in K.Dot's book.

Thank you BasedGod. Teaching us all how to swagg in videos. You and Wayne most influential. Thank you BasedGod.

Give props where props are due. Kendrick Lamar went on Twitter earlier today to give a few shout outs. For Lil B a.k.a. The Based God, he thanked him for teaching us how to swag and being influential. For Lil Wayne, he thanked him for being influential too. Remember, K. Dot has already said this, and we quote, “[Lil Wayne] 1 of the most influential artist of this generation and still hungry”. Maybe he needed to say it again for extra emphasis or was just listening to “Grove St. Party” and he wanted to let his followers know. We hear you, Kendrick.

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