Jeremih Disses PARTYNEXTDOOR in Dallas on the Summer's Over Tour

Jeremih throws some shots at PARTYNEXTDOOR during their Summer's Over tour stop in Dallas.

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Jeremih and PARTYNEXTDOOR are supposed to be co-headliners on their Summer’s Over Tour, but lately they haven’t been seeing eye to eye.

If you have been to one of their stops on the tour so far, you’ve noticed that Jeremih is slotted as the opener and PND comes on after as the headliner. During the pair’s Chicago stop, Jeremih stormed off the stage because he noticed his sound was getting cut off, which gossip sites have reported PND’s team was behind it because they didn’t want Jeremih to go over his set time. The opener/headliner dispute is allegedly the reason why he sent a look-alike on stage in Houston to perform for him. Because why perform if your tourmate thinks they are bigger than you, right?

The tour stopped in Dallas at the South Side Ballroom, and Jeremih wasn’t biting his tongue. “I wouldn’t be here without y’all. Dallas I love y’all. All my fans, I love y’all. PARTYNEXTDOOR and his crew are some bitch ass ni**as. Now tell me that. Tell me what I said now?” he says.

Jeremih then warns PND and his crew to pay “the fake ass budget” they’ve been pushing on him every night. He says more shocking things to the crowd, accusing PND of not playing certain songs for his fans. In the footage, Jeremih apparently gets off the stage to go into the crowd, but he gets stopped by either security or one of PND’s guys. “This ni**a been trying to stop me since this tour started. He can’t stop me!”

There’s only four more stops left on their tour. Jeremih and PARTY are supposed to hit San Antonio (Dec. 3), Denver (Dec. 6), Los Angeles (Dec. 9), and San Francisco (Dec. 11). At this rate, these might not even happen.

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