Frank Ocean Is Officially Going By His Stage Name Now

Say goodbye to Christopher Edwin Breaux.

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Puff Daddy made it cool to constantly switch up your name, and Frank Ocean has followed in Diddy's footsteps.

TMZ is reporting the R&B singer finally got his request granted to legally change his name to Frank Ocean, who now leaves behind his birth name, Christopher Edwin Breaux. Back in March of 2014, he filed paperwork in Los Angeles to get it done earlier, but a judge didn’t allow him to do it because of a long list of troubles with the law. During the summer months of that year, he was fined for expired insurance, driving with his headlights off, and going over the speed limit. His license has also been suspended a couple times.

Apparently, he cleaned up his driving record because the process was finalized. With his new album on the way this July, the Frank Ocean transformation will officially start.

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