Erykah Badu Says She Tried Listening to Azealia Banks' Music But Didn't Get It

Azealia Banks didn't take Badu's comments kindly.

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Once again, here’s another Twitter beef involving Azealia Banks.

Earlier today, one of Erykah Badu’s followers asked her a pretty simple question: "Does @fatbellybella listen to Azealia Banks? Always wanted to know.” She replied, “Tried.”

The Harlem rapper didn’t like the remark and accused her of being jealous. Badu responded back with: "Well shit I did try. Maybe you're right...I'm just to old to get it. You cool tho?"

From there, Banks felt that the music legend was throwing shade at younger talent. Her mini-rant continued with people are always watching her, "and that's what's most important."

Well, at least Badu gets Rihanna's music.

UPDATE: After Erykah Badu turned her location on, she playfully gave directions to Azealia Banks that insinuated they take care of their spat face-to-face. They wished each other happy Valentine's Day, though, which we could assume that they were joking about this whole thing. But this morning, Banks tweeted some more words at Badu and demanded her address. Another Twitter beef to add to the list.

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