ZelooperZ Turns Up in the Trippy Animated Video for "I Should Be Dead"

His album, 'Bothic,' is due out this month.

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Detroit rapper ZelooperZ is set to release his new album, Bothic, later this month, and fans recently got a taste of what's to come on "I Should Be Dead." Today, we receive the video for this intense anthem, and the trippy animation from RUFFMERCY perfectly matches up with his vivid lyricism that shifts from dark thoughts to dank therapy. "All this kush just my oxygen/All these sins that I have seen/I'ma need some tree treatment/Bullets done flew past me," he raps over Bulletproof Dolphin's warped backdrop in his signature high-pitch voice. 

We also caught up with ZelooperZ, who spoke with us about the video for "I Should Be Dead," as well as what he has in store for his fans on the follow-up to HELP. Peep our Q&A below and be on the lookout for ZelooperZ's new album, due out Feb. 19 on Danny Brown's Bruiser Brigade Records. You can grab tickets for his release party in Ferndale, Mich. here.

Since the song is titled “I Should Be Dead,” What are five things you want to do or achieve before you go?
1. Buy my mother a house.
2. Travel to see most of the world to try to understand cultures and see the art.
3. See my nephew grown into an enlightened solider and a man I want him to stay woke.
4. Be a well-known artist and have growth amongst the years leave behind a legacy and inspire people [while alive].
5. "I been gone."

The video for “ISBD” is super trippy and captivating and fits the mood of the record perfectly. How was the experience filming it?
I've been wanting to work with RUFFMERCY for a while so when I finally got the chance and he wasn't busy with other work it was just pure, we both big fans of each other's art and he's also a fan of my music so he knows what's going on in my head. That's why the art is so radical. Filming it was tight, just another day, got hella zooted and shot the whole video in time to send it to the homie. At the end I was drenched in sweat and high like I liked to be at the end of the night. Felt like RUFF been checking out like latest abstract art as well, one of my favorite videos thus far.

What can fans expect from your upcoming album, Bothic?
People can expect a new turn in time, a new legacy, and a new sound from this album. It's my side of the world. Bothic is the real and a standout record for me. Most of the bars are unheard because I know I'm the only one whipping paint like this. Original and potent it's like black diamonds on platinum. It's growth from start to finish. And my chemical balance with music and art.

Is there one specific record you’re excited for your fans to bump when Bothic is out?
"Automatic" is one of my favorites because the process of me making the joint and circumstances created. One of my favorite vibes and feels of the album, it's one of the deepest productions as well. One of the many out there songs on the record.

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