Who Is August Alsina? (Video)

The New Orleans artist releases his debut album "Testimony" today.

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Today is a big day for August Alsina as the New Orleans singer finally releases his debut album Testimony. The project serves as a musical representation of Alsina's journey through life, which he shares with Complex TV. From dealing with family struggles, the street life, and finally discovering his talents as an artist, August Alsina has been through it all and still found a way to make it out of the gutter. Maybe the biggest decision the 21-year-old artist made was stepping away from the drug game. "My heart too big for that shit," he says. "I know what that shit do, has done, and still is doing to my family. That's like hell on earth right there."

The release of Testimony on April 15 holds special value to August Alsina, who released his breakthrough mixtape The Product on this same day. April 15 is also his brother's birthday, who was shot and killed years ago. Watch the full video above to understand Alsina's journey. Testimony is out now on iTunes

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