Premiere: Tunji Ige Shares His Personal Journey in the 'Road to Missed Calls' Documentary

His 'Missed Calls' project is out now.

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Tunji Ige has finally released Missed Calls, his much-anticipated follow-up to The Love Project. It's been a very busy year and a half since the release of Tunji's debut project, as the Philly representative has toured extensively and grown as an individual, and these new experiences are highlighted on Missed Calls.

Today, Complex premieres Road to Missed Calls, a documentary that captures his personal journey over the last year and also shines a light on the people who have played a major role in his recent success and his plans for the future. "I'm trying to make the greatest shit ever. It's that simple," Tunji says with conviction. 

We caught up with Tunji Ige about his new project and its accompanying documentary, which you can read below.

In the Road to Missed Calls documentary fans get to witness a part of your journey in creating your latest project. How did the process this time around differ from when you made The Love Project?
This project was different because I opened up my process and worked with people who I felt could do things to add exponentially to the final product. Whether it be me making a beat and needing mixing help from Noah or Ryan or having Ben track my vocals and edit takes it was a whole factory to make the best product. 

One of the more powerful moments in the doc is when your mom is sharing some life advice. How big of a role has she played in your career?
My mom is my number one fan and my number one supporter. I can't even count the things she's done for me let alone my career but she definitely bought me tons of equipment and paid for my trips to New York and other places early on. She's the only person I can talk to that's going to tell me how it is and that I won’t second guess. 

Tell me about the dynamic between you and Noah Breakfast, it feels like you guys really found an extra spark on Missed Calls.
Drake got a Noah.
Kanye got a Noah.
Tunji got a Noah.

I produced every song on Missed Calls except "War," but what Noah does as an executive producer is use his skills in production and mixing to take some of my ideas to the next level. There will be two sessions of the same track, Noah and I will bounce the track back and forth between us and we’ll remove or add to them.

I know Missed Calls just dropped, but what do you have planned next?
I just started my next full-length album and outside of that I’m looking to hit the road and meet everyone around the globe that’s showed me love.

Stream Tunji Ige's Missed Calls below and purchase it on iTunes here. To celebrate its release, Tunji has also opened up a special "hotline" where fans can call in and leave a voicemail. They'll receive a text later which contains some exclusive info. The number to dial is (267) 202-4255.

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