Watch Episode 10 of RiFF RAFF's New Series "RiFF RAFF REALM" on Complex TV

RiFF RAFF goes green in this episode, if you catch our drift.

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In Complex TV's latest episode of RiFF RAFF's series "RiFF RAFF REALM" the rapper starts out by sharing his kicks of the weeks. At first glance, they look like just a normal pair of Jordan 3s, but Jody Highroller shows there's more here than meets the eye. Later on he talks to Wet Wanda on "Vine Time." Wanda was recently a victim in a drive-by splashing, and she appears on "RiFF RAFF REALM" to set the record straight of what exactly happened. Her cautionary tale is one that shouldn't go unnoticed. 

RiFF RAFF ends the show with a very green segment of the "Funza Zone," where he's joined by medical marijuana consultant, Dr. Dina. The conversation naturally focuses on the many uses of weed, and RAFF even gets the opportunity to create his own strain of cannabis. If Snoop Dogg has his own strain, why can't RiFF RAFF?

Watch last week's episode of "RiFF RAFF REALM" below. RiFF RAFF's debut album NEON iCON will be released soon.



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