Quiz: How Many No. 1 Singles Does This Artist Have?

These artists have hits on hits on hits.

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Not Available Lead

Artists like Kanye WestBeyoncé, Rihanna, and Jay Z have racked up several No. 1 singles in their respective careers. But could you list off the exact amount?

We've put together a quiz to see just how knowledgeable our readers are with this #veryimportant trivia. To be clear, No. 1 singles as a lead or featured artist on the Billboard Hot 100 chart are included (i.e. Beyonce f/ Jay Z, "Crazy in Love": Bey is the lead artist; Jay is the featured artist). 

What's NOT included: group No. 1 singles (no Bey with Destiny's Child or Justin Timberlake with NSYNC) and No. 1's on the production side.

Got it? Good. Take the quiz below and share your results in the comment section.


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