Mapei Grabs Chance The Rapper for the Remix of Her Sweeping Love Tune "Don't Wait"

Their chemistry here is lovely.

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29-year-old singer Mapei has released a remix of her stunning single "Don't Wait," and it features none other than Chance The Rapper, who laces the mellow beat with rhymes about finding love and never letting go. The chemistry they have on this song is incredible, which may be why it's currently sitting at the top spot of Hot 97's Battle of the Beats online competition. As a bonus, Chance also decoded his verse on Rap Genius recently.

Interestingly enough, Mapei released an EP in 2009 called The Cocoa Butter Diaries. On the flip side, Chance The Rapper was a sucker for "Cocoa Butter Kisses" on his soulful record off Acid Rap. Coincidence? We think not. 

UPDATE 3/12/14 12:00PM: The full version of their sweet collaboration can be found below.

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