Listen: Chuck Inglish f/ Sir Michael Rocks "Swervin'"

From Chuck's upcoming debut album, Convertibles.

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When Complex recently spoke with Chuck Inglish concerning his debut album, Convertibles, the Detroit producer/rapper was adamant about his collaboration with Sir Michael Rocks being a heater. "I'm going to be honest, I think the hardest song we’ve ever done, is on my album," Chuck said.

That song "Swervin'," makes its way today as the first single from the album. The duo, formerly known as The Cool Kids, lyrically cruise over Chuck's thick drums and pulsing synth, tossing in a few witty bars for reassurance. True, It's not a pure reunion like their avid fan base would hope for, but appreciation for this record is easy given the track's quality.

Chuck Inglish's Convertibles will be released later this fall.

[via Noisey]

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