Jay Z Purchased 100 Copies of Nipsey Hussle's New Mixtape at $100 a Pop

#NewRules and #OldMoney.

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Yesterday Nipsey Hussle released his new mixtape Crenshaw and gave fans the option to download it for free or purchase a hardcopy for $100 online or at a pop-up shop in Los Angeles as part of his "Proud2Pay" initiative.

His fans clearly came out in big numbers as Nipsey announced on Twitter that he made $100,000 off selling his mixtape in just one day. One of his biggest supporters happened to be Jay Z who purchased 100 copies of Crenshaw. The picture above was posted on Jay's Life+Times website and came with the hashtag #NewRules, a motto he's been pushing since releasing Magna Carta Holy Grail through a joint venture between Samsung and Roc Nation.

Nipsey also posted a wire transfer statement from S Carter Enterprises on Instagram as proof of Hov's purchase. You can view that below:

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