Diddy Flexes His Wallet and Rhymes on "Big Homie" with Rick Ross

Diddy's new album is coming soon.

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On the heels of Rick Ross' new album Mastermind, which Diddy co-executive produced, the hip-hop mogul releases his new record "Big Homie." The song also fittingly includes Maybach Music Group's head honcho, where the two rappers leave the competition in the dust by bragging about their bankrolls. Along with shouting out his record label, Diddy puts his competition to shame with one little anecdote that no one else can claim. "The only one that's topping Forbes, I'm getting lonely," he raps. The song also features precious ad-libs from French Montana. Diddy is planning to release his new album, MMM, later this year.

Listen to "Big Homie" here.

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