Childish Gambino Addresses Suicide Rumors, Talks New Album, Kanye West & Drake on The Breakfast Club

Childish opens up in this interview.

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Childish Gambino stopped by Power 105's The Breakfast Club to discuss a number of topics including rumors about being suicidal, his new album Because The Internet, Drake's Nothing Was The Same and Kanye West's attempt to move beyond the "rapper" label.

Last week Childish posted a number of photos on Instagram where he wrote about his insecurities in acting, music, family and life in general. People believed his notes showed suicidal tendencies, which Childish says is not true. "I find it crazy that people thought that that was suicidal," he says. "First of all, suicidal is kind of dumb to me. If I want to kill myself I will. It's not hard to die. I could do it like right now." He continues, "Nobody wants to be vulnerable. People thought I was crazy 'cause I was honest. That was it. That was all I did."

Childish says he has a song on his upcoming album called "Worldstar" and reveals a screenplay will be included with the purchase. However, he defines Because The Internet as not being a "rap album" and rather a piece of work that includes different elements of music.

The topic of Drake's new album Nothing Was The Same comes up, and Childish says he feels it came and went because of the Internet's fast-paced mentality. "There was so much hype about Drake's album. Everybody was really excited. I listened to it and I was like, this is a good album," he says. "But it felt like it was here and gone because people were like, 'Oh, I listened to it. I did the thing I was supposed to do. And now I'm done.'"

Later on co-host Charlamagne Tha God asks Childish why he calls himself "the son of Kanye." He replies, ''Cause I am," and explains his admiration for the Chicago MC. "Kanye[West] talks about the glass wall, and he's right. He's a genius to me. He can do amazing things for humans, and they won't let him."

Watch the full clip above. Childish Gambino's new album Because The Internet will be released December 10.

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