Chance The Rapper Debuts New Song on Toca Tuesdays

More new music from the Chicago wunderkind.

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Last night, Chance The Rapper appeared as a guest on Al Lindstrom's Toca Tuesdays radio show on Shade 45 and the Chicago rapper decided to liberate a new song live on air. While he didn't reveal the title of the record, he did describe it as "really important." Over smooth production, Chance raps about the type of girls he's into, particularly the ones who fit the 'thot' prototype. "Shawty, she got the body, she did the molly/Probably gon' do the squaddy right after papi," he quips. This will likely be on his upcoming project Social Experiment. Check out the vibrant record below.

I'm bout to play another brand new song on XM @Shade45 right now.

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